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Well-Designed Portfolios To Help You Pursue Your Goals

When clients choose Drummond Financial Solutions, they enter into a special relationship. We believe that every client is different, and deserves individualized care. Whether you are looking forward to retirement, saving for a child’s education, or just want to feel more secure about your financial future, we provide well-designed portfolios that help reach your goals. Not only do we create this custom-tailored portfolio, but we also provide on-going service once the plan has been implemented.

The variables we take into consideration when meeting with a new client is their age, amount of assets, risk tolerances, and past investment experiences, among others. Based on this evaluation, we work to structure their financial world in an efficient manner and use our knowledge to both preserve and grow a client’s wealth.

At Drummond Financial Solutions, clients are treated with respect and are provided with patient and thorough customer care. David Drummond is a teacher by nature, and he uses those skills to educate his clients about how insurance and investment products work, so they have a firm understanding of the products being recommended. He is also very thorough, so that each and every recommendation from Drummond Financial Solutions comes after extensive research and comparisons. Lastly, David is patient, and never makes a client feel like he doesn’t have time for them. He makes sure they are fully satisfied with the recommendations, and all questions are answered before implementing a strategy.

Working with Drummond Financial Solutions is a business venture, but it is also a relationship between client and advisor. We provide our clients with comprehensive financial services, a customized portfolio and a chance to take control of their finances.

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